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As your local councillors it is our pleasure to welcome you to High Town - a community of people who are committed to each other and to our local area.

High Town has so much to offer for those of us who live here. Whether it’s the annual High Town Festival, the wide range of artistic projects and sports clubs, our four pubs or the monthly Friends of High Town meetings, there’s plenty to get stuck in to. We hope you’ll also enjoy our three parks; Pope’s Meadow and People’s Park connected by woodland at the top of the hill and Wardown Park with its museum and cafe and the weekly Saturday morning Park Run. The area is also well-placed in walking distance from the town centre and train station for easy access to other services and amenities.

We are here to work to make good things happen in High Town and to help you resolve any difficulties you are having in relation to council services. Please get in touch if you’ve got anything you want to discuss. Alternatively, we run a monthly surgery which you are very welcome to attend. It is located in the High Town Community Sports and Arts Centre on Concorde Street ( and runs from 9-11am on the first Thursday of every month.

We hope you enjoy living here!

Andrew Malcolm

Maahwish Mirza

This website has been created as well as a run of 4,000 Welcome Brochures which have been delivered locally in partnership with the High Town Community Development Worker ( who is funded by Near Neighbours and Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation on behalf of LLAL and Existence Ltd.

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