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High Town Road


The main street in the area is High Town Road. Historically, it has been a bustling thoroughfare with shops and eateries of all sorts. It continues to be a place that can cater for your everyday needs and provides groceries, hardware, hairdressers, a pharmacy as well as the more eclectic: a gaming workshop, health stores and a lawn- mower repair facility. There are also a number of cafes.

There is a also a High Town Bag (pictured below) which is available in the Royal Pharmacy, Flower Bay, Bricklayers Arms and The Brunch Bar. You can find out more information here.


A recent addition is the community herb- bed which has been planted next to the Burr Street Car Park so help yourselves to mint, parsley or bay leaves come the summer!

Once a year on the first Saturday of July High Town Road is shut to traffic to play host to the High Town Festival where it is filled with a variety of stalls offering food, activities or other novelty items as well as a number of local bands and musicians who perform on one of the two stages along the road. For more information about the festival, click here.

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