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The below is originally from the Luton Borough Council website on this link

High Town Ward Decision Day Results

Since 2009 LBC have been holding Community Funding Decision Days which have seen local community projects funded to help improve the local community.The opportunity for funding was advertised to the community, local groups and the voluntary sector to deliver projects in the wards which target the identified priorities, as set at the Community Planning Days.
Decision Days were held in High Town on 1st October 2016.  Those who attended were able to hear short presentations from various community groups.  The groups had applied for Your Say, Your Way funding a few weeks earlier and their projects had already been considered eligible.  The audience then voted anonymously, using electronic handsets, to determine which ones they thought best met the town’s three priorities:
  • supporting communities to be safe, strong and cohesive
  • improving health and wellbeing
  • enhancing skills and education
75% of the total value of funding applications in each ward was amount of money available to be allocated to successful groups. Unsuccessful groups were offered further help and support with other funding streams.

Your Say Your Way successfully funded groups

Total amount available for allocation £8366.87

Click on the name of the group to go to their associated website.

Position after voting Name of Group Project Amount awarded
1 High Town Burglary Reduction Group, now renamed  High Town Improvement Action Group Organising Community ‘Clean Ups’ in several locations across the area and supporting the development of a ‘Neighbourhood Agreement’ to empower the community to monitor and oversee their local services. £1209.00
2 Luton In Harmony Organising activities on Christmas day including a festive meal, transport, a ‘goodie’ bag and light entertainment to combat isolation and lift peoples’ spirits. £1250.00
3 High Town Voice Providing a regular junior youth club for children aged 8 to 12, to include recreational activities such as sports, music, and discussion. £1250.00
4 Friends of High Town Organising an event called ‘High Town’s Got Talent’ that will bring people together to create a sense of community and to celebrate and encourage local talent. £1250.00
5 St Matthews Families Setting up a Community Table Tennis Club to engage with school children, previous students and local families, enhancing healthy living and community cohesion. £1250.00
6 The High Town Team Refurbishing 2 local notice boards – one in Midland Road and the other outside St Matthews School. £1250.00
7 Health Watch Luton Providing support to families in food poverty during school holidays by delivering ‘taster sessions’ to show people how to cook in healthy ways, cheaply. £907.87

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