High Town Gardeners Spring Into Action!

Near the beginning of November 2016 Friends of High Town put out a call to recruit a High Town Gardener, funded by money they had been granted by Near Neighbours. We are happy to announce that this position has been filled by 2 hard workers who are Philippa Collier and Doris Britten who will be working together and with a small sub-committee over the next 3 months to dig and plant some of the parts of High Town that could need attention. In co-operation with the residents group (more specifically the Green Spaces sub-committee) and the local council, their role will be helping to develop a sustainable, long-term engagement from the local community with the green spaces around High Town. Part of their role will be to help organise a handful of day events to get the local community involved in the planting and making High Town flower into the spring. They have began by digging out the planters in Burr Street Car Park next to the NOAH shop. Come along and join in for their first organised Community Day Saturday 21st January 10am – 1pm (click here for full details) The project is currently funded to run till the end of March 2017 however the hope is for it to continue as future funding is being looked into. Do keep a look out for them in their fluorescent jackets and say hello!




Clash of Drum

In September 2016 Revoluton Arts brought an explosive, free, outdoor spectacular for all the family to Wardown Park in the High Town area of Luton. International artists Les Commandos Percu & Deabru Beltzak battled it out in a Clash of Drums, pyrotechnics and fireworks. Probably one of the most exciting and thrilling performances seen in the ward in recent times. One attendee said “It’s one of the best live events I have seen in Luton since living here for the last 27 years”. Another named Sara said “I went along with my daughter and a couple of friends and we thought it was an amazing event, that was good to share in a free event with other residents. The fireworks, lights and choreography were superb and it was a privilege to have these performers in Luton. We also really enjoyed the local drumming group who were on at the beginning; their stamina was inspiring!!”

See some captured highlights below.