35th Luton Beer & Cider Festival

Two nights remain of the 35th Luton Beer & Cider Festival. It’s open today from 12pm until 11pm at the High Town Community Arts & Sports Centre and again tomorrow evening. Do not miss it! For more details and a list of the beers and ciders available click here.

Fix-It Day

The 2018 Luton Fix-It Day is all about bringing people together to learn, fix things and save money! From 1 – 4pm at the High Town Community Arts & Sports Centre you will be able to bring along your broken items and learn how to fix them with a volunteer who will sit and mend the item with you. Whether it’s toys, clothes, phones, bikes or small appliances there should be a volunteer on hand to give you some help. It’s a great way to save money, learn new skills and meet people in your community. You don’t have to book so just turn up on the day! We look forward to seeing you there!

NOAH Courses for Self Care & IT for Confidence

IT for Confidence

A course designed to make learning IT fun, and to address stress and anxiety barriers when approaching technology

Anxiety and stress management, using IT to simplify your life, using IT to improve your job prospects, connecting with friends and family online.

This is a four week course (2 half days per week), Mon and Thurs 09:30 – 12:30


Self Care and Wellbeing for Life and Work

            Wellbeing, self-esteem, motivation, and stress and anxiety management

Anxiety and stress management, positive thinking techniques, proactive problem solving skills, confidence and self-esteem building sessions

This is a four week course (2 half days per week), Mon and Thurs 13:00 – 16:00

Fairtrade Christmas Gifts from Grassroots

This email is to let you know that we are now stocking tastefully created FAIRTRADE CHRISTMAS GIFT HAMPERS. Prices vary between £5-£10-£15-£20-£40.

Let us shop more ethically this Christmas, bearing in mind Fair Trade is NOT CHARITY but it is about JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS, giving people what they deserve. 

Astonishingly, despite producing 70% of the world’s food, over half of the world’s hungriest people are small producer farmers in third world countries. Purchasing their products in fair trade terms means they can have a better training, tools, education, health care and clean water.

We are also continuing to support LOCAL LUTON HONEY.

Additionally, we now have an exciting new range of Gift Bag Sets for any occasion, and you can even come and make your own bespoke Fairtrade Christmas Hamper!

Please see catalogue available online HERE

Why not give a Fairtrade Christmas Hamper to your loved ones or a neighbour, and someone of a different faith sharing the Joy of Christmas?

For further enquiries or to purchase, please email admingrassroots@btconnect.com or call the GRASSROOTS office on 01582 416946.

We also encourage you to please circulate these details to colleagues, friends or family who may also be interested. Thank you so much for your continued support of Fair Trade!