High Town is literally the other side of the tracks, positioned on opposite side of the train station to the town center its self, meaning it is often ignored by your average visitor to Luton. With any luck this will soon change thanks to the growing artistic culture to be found within High Town and this site to keep you up to date with the fun that can be had around here. Don’t be fooled into thinking that High Town is just High Town road, oh no the ward stretch’s from Wardown park, Old Bedford Rd right up High Town Rd stopping at the Round Green ward of Luton. High Town is an area with a long association with the hat trade, the Victorian and early Twentieth century houses found in the area were built to house the workers from the numerous hat factories that flourished well into the late 1930s. Today, around ten separate hat manufactures can still be found within the ward, though operating at a much reduced scale to the 1920s heyday of Luton hat manufacturing.

As well as hats, High Town has long been associated with arts and culture, most instantly recognizable being Wardown museum which houses one of the largest collections of items connected to Luton’s heritage, the history of the hat and lace trade of the area and pretty much anything you wanted to know about the town we live in. The area also houses Greenbank Music Village, one of Luton’s finest rehearsal and recording studios, High Town Records run by High Town legends the mighty Knockouts, also producers of clod magazine and the Luton haiku’s. As well as a collection of small independently run shops, cafes and restaurants the high street also houses High Hats a shop dedicated to the memory of hat manufacturing in this area, as well as Luton’s only independent art and music store, Shop 33, where you will find a collection of locally produced artworks for sale and discover the only place in town left to buy new music from. That’s only a small sample of what High Town has to offer, as there is more to explore and discover throughout this website and the area itself.